How to Rank for a keyword in google 1st page by 5 steps

How to Rank for a keyword in google 1st page by 5 steps:

Everyone wants to rank in google 1st page for one reason that is to increase traffic which will ultimately  lead to higher cpc and high-ranking and so on.Ranking for a keyword in organic search is a long process. You won’t get the results, 100% of the time, especially if you’re a new website trying to rank for a popular keyword, but if you take content marketing and SEO seriously, you can start to make things happen. So we will tell you how rank a keyword by the following steps:

FIRST STEP – Strong Domain Authority/Page Authority:

If you have higher domain authority and page authority it is easy to rank your keyword in google because google always prefer higher da/pa domain. So basic thing is to increase your da/pa for which you have to check your da/pa in

SECOND STEP -Choose a unique and long keyword:

It is always good to have a unique and longer keyword

because, the shorter the keyword will be the higher difficulty of the keyword will be more. is best for checking keyword difficulty.keyword difficulty finderkeyword finder

THIRD STEP -Content:

Next, form a plan for the actual content you’re going to create that will – hopefully – rank for your chosen keyword. There are many paths to ranking for a keyword, including but not limited to:

An article
A blog post
A product page
An index or directory of links (to other pages on your site or around the web)
An authoritative guide
An infographic
A video

No matter your size or your budget, you have the ability to create a blog post. Content like infographics and videos will require more resources. Sometimes, the best way to answer a search query is with some sort of tool, like a mortgage calculator. If this is the case, you’ll need engineering resources.

FOURTH STEP -Keyword Analysis:

More and more, search engines are looking for high-quality content that benefits the searcher, not keyword-stuffed spam or pages full of ads that only benefit you.

FIFTH STEP -Promotion of the content:

Share your content through your social accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn. Build links to your content.

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