How to submit sitemaps in google search console

How to submit sitemaps in google search console:

A Sitemap is an important part of Search engine optimization(SEO) because, it provides your page information to google and it is necessary to submit sitemaps for a website.Also, it contains a list of your site pages. So, we will tell you easy way to submit sitemap in google search console.

The following steps are as follows:


What is site ownership verification and how to do it?

For submitting sitemap in search console, you must first verify the ownership of your site in google search console.


After ownership verification you have to check whether your domain have valid site map. For this enter your site name in google search by ending with /sitemap.xml. For example,

  • SUBMIT:search console

After checking your sitemap validity open google search console and enter site map from the menu in the left. Then, in the text field next to your domain, enter sitemap.xml ( and press submit.


At the last press submit and it will show success in status if submitted properly.

Note: If sitemap are not submitted properly their will be error showing in the status.

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